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2 months of life in 43 pictures.

I promise this is my last post about being in California. I was going to detail every single day from waking up to going to sleep, but decided that everyone would be so overwhelmed with excitement that you’d pass out before making it through every post. So I compromised. Below are 43 pictures that pretty accurately describe my time in SoCal. Enjoy.

LA. I used a filter, but it’s about that smoggy anyway.

They have the coolest street names.

And some of the most famous.

The generic tourist pose. Not getting the sign in your hands.

Chinese Theatre filled with tourists.

Once again, I’m a tourist.

They really put us interns to work.

We didn’t really work much though.

See? Told you. This is at 9:30 AM.

And then at the end, we had a beach party.

Our team enjoying the last few days of our internship.

Oh and one day this is where we ate lunch. No tables. Kind of a bitch.

Each Sunday I sat, read, and normally fell asleep underneath this palm tree on the Santa Monica cliffs.

Leo Cabrillo State Park  has awesome rocks and cliffs that often collapse on people.


There’s no way you can live here without taking the generic lifeguard stand beach pic.

This dude didn’t even care.

Venice Beach.

Those are my feet because I’m artsy.

The snazzy Santa Monica Pier.

Why is it awesome? Free Thursday night concerts on the beach.

And this badass Ferris Wheel.

One weekend I went to San Diego because my girlfriend was visiting.

This is the amazing house we were at. That’s an outdoor living room. Such a thing is unheard of in Pittsburgh. And mostly everywhere in the country.

Another concert on the beach.

Mmmm eating a breakfast burrito and watching surfers.

This house has no relevance to my trip except that it’s sweet.

But this is more awesome.

One night I went to a bar with some friends. One by one, Waldos walked in until they filled three-quarters of the bar. I have no idea who any of these people are or why they were there, but as you can see I’m thrilled about it.

Burgers. In my mouth.

Fourth of July rocked.

A girl at work wore these. They’re as cool as America and as impractical as a phonograph.


I lived really close to Malibu.

So one day my roommates and I took a hike.

This pond was cool.

And so was this view. However to get to this view, we took a wrong turn but kept going. Essentially, we free climbed up the side of a very, very dry mountain, hopped a fence into private property, hopped two gates that said “No Trespassing”, then walked about 2.5 miles until we could hitchhike back to the car. So that was a weird day.

Pepperdine University is in Malibu. Most beautiful campus I’ve ever been on. There’s absolutely nothing around it though.

Malibu Lagoon. Ignore the woman reading. She snuck into the frame.

One night there was the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen. I was running on the Santa Monica cliffs as it set over the water and made the clouds orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue all at the same time. Every single person was taking pictures of it. I turned and looked behind me to see a huge rainbow on the other side. It was incredible.

So naturally I didn’t have my phone and missed it. This is what my roommate got from a golf course.

There’s nothing like seeing the sunset behind the mountains.

Or over the ocean. (This was my last run of the summer there, down on the beach.)

Lots of other things happened while I was there, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. Work, beach, play. All day everyday. It’s definitely not the worst place in the world because it’s actually the best place in the world. Well, at least for two months in the summer when you’re 22.

Next up, the trip home. Spoiler alert: we didn’t go to Toledo.

And if you’ve stuck it out this far through the post, I give you this Fourth of July gem. Go America.