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There’s Not Enough Hours in the Day. Or Life.

I think about travel often. Places I want to go (Alaska), places I’ve been (San Diego), places that I never want to go (Kansas – unless it’s for a KU Basketball game, in which case I will fly in as close as possible to campus and leave immediately following). I’m sure you have places you want to go, I mean, who doesn’t?

Obviously, traveling has its setbacks. It’s expensive, there are a ton of logistics, it can be dangerous – luckily all of these can be easy to overcome with some good planning. One problem that everyone has though is time – when will I ever be able to see these places? I’m so busy with my job/kids/kickball/underwater basket weaving that I’ll never be able to find the time to travel.

I’ve thought these same things. However, a few days ago, I heard a really interesting speaker. Actually the speaker was painfully boring (I dozed off), but when I was awake and listening he had a great piece of advice about traveling – to travel when you have “breaks” in your life. These breaks can be between high school and college, college and the real world, grad school, between jobs, retirement, etc. Whenever there is a time that things are changing or slowing down, and there’s free time in your life, travel.

This advice is great because it solves the biggest issue many of us face when traveling – not having time. These “pauses” work perfectly for traveling not only because you now have the time, but, let’s be honest, chances are you have a huge decision in front of you soon and traveling will most likely allow you to relax, straighten out your priorities, and make a good decision about what to do next.

Or it could make you totally forget about your decision and stress you out even more. Who knows. What I’m saying is travel when you can! It opens your eyes to so many things, gets you out of your bubble and allows you to appreciate the vastly different facets of life around us.

That being said, over the past two years I’ve done a lot of traveling – in particular a cross country road trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA where I’m currently living – and I’m going to chronicle this experience with a “mini series” of posts over the next few weeks. It will culminate in my return cross country trip to Pittsburgh early this August.

Stay tuned! Hilarity to ensue.

Probably not though.