Now what?

My 4 readers are probably thinking, “With all this great experience, you must have gone on to do something amazing that I’ll never achieve and shouldn’t even attempt to reach for.” You are correct in that assumption.

Upon my return, I floated back and forth between home and Pittsburgh for a little over a month. At home I relaxed, hung out with friends, and indulged in the sweetness that is free food and no rent. While that was nice, I knew my parents wouldn’t let it happen too long, so I also began applying for jobs.

When I visited Pittsburgh, I mostly hung out with my friends that I hadn’t seen in a few months. It was great seeing everyone, but when asked “How was California?!” for the 27th time, I gave up any hope of expressing emotion in my answer.

In mid-September I took a job with the company I had been working part time for all summer. The office is in Pittsburgh, so I moved out and got the ball rolling. At first I lived alone, but that sucked and was really expensive. So I moved in a with a friend.

Since then, I’ve been working two jobs and trying to figure out the transition into adulthood. It’s harder than it looks. Sure it’s tough to graduate, but afterwards is plain weird.

Which brings me to my next point (and title of this post) – now what? The trips are over, which means no more reading about me galavanting across the United States. I want to keep writing, but I don’t want to write aimlessly. As much as we all like surprises, a blog post that you can’t relate to is less useful than men’s nipples.

So, over the next week or so I’ll be deciding between a couple of themes I have in mind. Try to keep your pants on while I pick.