Buckle Up

Driving in LA is my new favorite sport.

I moved to LA a few weeks ago and thought to myself “How bad could traffic really be? They’re probably just being overdramatic.” Well Wrong. It’s nuts.

Think back to the worst traffic you’ve ever sat in, now add two more lanes and overly aggressive drivers, and you have a taste of what it’s like driving here on a good day. Not only are all six lanes always full of cars, but if you’re not sitting in stop-and-go plans-ruined traffic then you’re going 80 mph look-out-I’m-crossing-five-lanes-without-looking madness. Every time you drive. I like to think I’m good at texting and driving. Now I put my phone in the trunk.

Merging onto the highway is even more fun. If you’re not gonna cut someone off then here’s hoping your lane doesn’t end. Or you’re driving a Hummer and not a two door Honda Accord.

Growing up in small town Pennsylvania, I got excited when a highway had three lanes. Here, if a highway has less than four lanes I refuse to use it because it doesn’t put my life in enough danger. Who needs coffee in the morning when you have the median to your left and an 18 wheeler merging into your lane on the right? My 25 minute commute is a rollar coaster of emotion.

Basically what I’m trying to describe is summed up perfectly with this clip from the comedic geniuses over at Family Guy.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKcSZfY1sf4&w=420&h=315]

Be safe out there friends.