Dolla Dolla Billz

People were all over the place and wouldn’t get out of the frame. Stupid Europeans.

Las Vegas is a weird place. It’s awesome, fun, depressing, and absurd all at the same time. Awesome, fun, and absurd for the obvious reasons (crazy hotels and casinos, no open container laws, strippers, insane night clubs, and so on). Depressing though, in a way, because a lot of people actually live there. And they spend tons of money, gambling away their life. Old people are everywhere too. It smelled like crushed dreams and loneliness.

It’s also hot. Super hot.

Note the time. The sun was almost down, and it was still over 100 degrees. Although, if you’ve ever been there, you know that there’s also no humidity. Which is great because it really doesn’t feel that bad. If you’re a lizard.

We checked into our hotel, the Luxor (the pyramid one), and made our way out to the pool to have a drink and relax from driving and surfing. We knew we had a long night ahead of us, so we didn’t want to get crazy too early. We formed a plan that included casino hopping down The Strip. Neither of us really like clubs that much, so we ruled those out. We also decided to set a limit as to how much money we were allowing ourselves to spend: $100. In hindsight, that’s a ridiculously low amount. But with him still being in college and my funemployment status, we didn’t want to get stranded in Nevada.

We sat by the pool and drank an $8 Budweiser that got warm in 10 minutes. Check out the man in the white tee in the pool. What are you doing old man.

After showering and eating, we headed downstairs to start the night. We were both really excited to get to the casino, as neither of us had been to one before. We hit the floor and scoped out the area. After a few minutes of wandering, we came to a huge realization:

Neither of us knew how to gamble.

We didn’t even know how to start gambling. We sat at a penny slots and stared at each other as if one of us was going to miraculously figure it out. Never in my life had I felt the pang of being born and raised in Central PA so much than I did at that slot machine. Luckily, we saw a cocktail waitress and ordered a drink. Maybe if we got drunk we’d know what to do?

Nope. So, naturally, we went to the cashier. Dumbfounded, we asked “How do we get chips?”. The little woman sitting there was speechless. Upon seeing her reaction, I quickly followed up with “Sorry, this is our first time at a casino. Do we need to do anything in particular? Or just go sit at a table?”

Turns out you just sit at a table and pay there. So twenty minutes later we finally were at a BlackJack table with a minimum of $10. We got $20 worth of chips. The guy beside us got $100. Talk about feeling out of place.

After a few rounds of BlackJack we decided it was time to go explore. We headed down The Strip, staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at all the lights, the enormous hotel and casinos, and all the people. Never had I been to a place like that. We waltzed our way along the road with our Coronas, stopping at MGM, the Monte Carlo, Caesar’s Palace (which is ridiculously insane how big it is), the Bellagio, and Mirage.

The Bellagio was my favorite – huge, fancy, and really ritzy. The definition of high class Vegas compared to the others we’d seen. When you walk in, you see this trippy ceiling decoration.

Those are hand blown glass flowers. And after several beers, it can make you go cross-eyed. We stayed here for so long it I thought we’d never leave. But no worries, when we did I decided to order a Vodka Red Bull for $15. I spent more on that drink than I did total at that casino. Crazy, right?! WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS.

Around 3:30am we made the wonderful choice to walk home. Little did we know that we were 2 miles from our hotel. So the walk took nearly an hour. We had to stop at CVS along the way to get some food. Which homeless people then haggled us for.

Overall, great night. Although, if I went back, I’d be sure to go to a club. It seems more Vegas than casinos. And I wouldn’t buy a $15 drink at the bar when I can get one for free from a cocktail waitress.

At 4:30 we hit the sack. It was a brisk 87 degrees.